We sell the following materials by the bag, by the scoop, by the load ( 2 scoops = 1 cubic yard)

1/2" Granite

Decorative, Driveways and Paths

1" to 3" Mocha

Slopes, Decorative

1 1/2" Granite

Driveways, Decorative, Paths

Black Mulch

Flower Beds. Mulch holds moisture

3/4" to 2" Round Rock

Dry River Beds, Decorative

2" to 6" Cobble Stone

Dry River Beds, Decorative

2" Smoky Black Rock

2" Smoky Black Rock


1/2" minus Mocha

Paths, Driveways

Fir Mulch

Fir Mulch

Holds moisture

1" Mocha


Granite Chips

granite chips

Levelling, Pathways, Driveways

3/4" Rock

3/4 inch rock

Decorative, Under sheds + decks, Drain rock

3/4" minus Road Crush

3/4 inch minus road crush


Screened Sand

screened sand

Levelling, Sandbox

Mixed Topsoil + Peat

Mixed topsoil and peat

(40% Topsoil 60% Peat), ORGANIC

Lawns, Planting

Interior Mulch

interior mulch

Holds moisture

Lava Rock


Skaha Garden Blend

Skaha Garden Blend


Veggie gardens, flower beds, planting

Turf Fertilizer

Sold in 5kg bag that covers 2500 sq. ft



Turf available by order

Sold in rolls of 8.5 sq ft.

We also sell the following products to help you with your landscaping projects:

Landscaping Fabric (6ft wide)
Fabric Pins
Edging (15 ft long strip)